Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wake up folks - architecture is YOUR responsibility

If you want to make SOA work in a heterogeneous environment, why would you want to limit yourself to one technology, one approach? You’re buying right into their strategy of locking you into a platform. That’s only good if you sell platforms. Wake up folks - architecture is YOUR responsibility, not that of some vendors hawking middleware!

Ron Schmelzer of ZapThink

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Sarge said...

I haven't given it much thought, but I'm not sure how HTTP caching would help in update activities in a REST environment, but it does seem that HTTP is much more vendor- and language-neutral than, for example, JMS. Mind you, I still think Sonic's messaging product is best-of-breed. But, as you have encountered with legacy big iron, you're not always operating in a JVM. Plus, and this has become more important the longer I've worked, text-based APIs are much easier to prototype and debug. Combined with a dynamic (a la scripted) language, you could prototype new operations in a jiffy.