Thursday, August 21, 2008

TriSano Project Annoucement

TriSano is now open source.

Check it out!

This is an exciting day for the TriSano team & Collaborative Software Initiative.

From the project annoucement:

Collaborative Software Initiative today announces the launch of the TriSano application and community. TriSano is an open source, citizen-focused infectious disease surveillance system that allows local, state and federal entities to collaborate for the good of public health.

With TriSano, the Collaborative Software Initiative provides a forum in which subject matter experts (i.e., doctors, nurses and epidemiologists) and software developers work together to facilitate the cre-ation of citizen-centric public health applications. This innovation ensures application features meet the specific requirements of each jurisdiction, allowing public health employees to achieve the goal of protecting lives.

See What is TriSano for name explanation. And say it with me ... its pronouced "tri-SAH-no" :)

Update Added the logo because I love it. Our talented UI dude Odanrot did it. That is Tornado spelled backwards (how cool is that?). Here is what it means:

The TriSano™ Eye represents a zooming (micro/macro) view on disease detection and prevention..

That is as close as I'm ever going to get to a bird of prey reference in a product. I love birds of prey. They have binoculars for eyes just like TriSano. Its true. Look it up.