Sunday, October 28, 2007


Bill de hÓra talked about a potential Atompop RFC a month ago.

He said: Messaging is a big deal and having something run over Atompub would justify an RFC.

+1 to that

Otherwise a lot of people are more or less going to reinvent it anyway.

More and more I'm seeing HTTP as the preferred protocol and protocol gateways to messaging. As we are using a bit of messaging and a bit of Atompub, it would be nice to have an RFC that would define how to do this one way. It might not be necessary (or achievable), but it could also be useful to include how to go from messaging to Atompub (i.e., the messaging side). I mean specify the "server-side gateway" & the "client-side gateway".

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Sarge said...

So web pages are just persistent, broadcast messages?