Sunday, October 28, 2007


I first started to really know HTTP when I was the technical lead of a Netegrity SiteMinder implementation in 2001. Prior to that, I just built web applications on top of it & didn't really know a ton of details about what was really happening on the wire.

I ran into so many bizarre problems with obscure web containers that I was forced to do all sorts of HTTP traces, repeatedly read the specs, etc. A memorable problem was a version of Chilisoft truncating SiteMinder's ginormous SMSESSION cookie. Identifying that defect took some work. Sun was awesome to deal with though - I remember them getting us a patch in 2 days.

Anyway, its an older book, but I'm reading HTTP: The Definitive Guide. I am surprised at how much I still don't know about HTTP. Anyway, I really like the book - it makes me like HTTP even more.

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