Friday, February 15, 2008

Lean Software Development Joy

As I mentioned recently, I'm freak busy at work. In a few months, things will calm down I'm sure and maybe things may pick back up here. On the other hand, things may get even busier.

In the meantime I have to say that I'm having a great time. Long hours to be sure, but the work is very rewarding.

For me, the most joyous part (other than working with exciting all FOSS technology, and being a member of a budding high performing team) is working with a business partner that truly seems to understand and embrace Lean Software Development. The proof will be in the eventual pudding, but its amazing what can be accomplished with a willing business partner that understands the fundamentals of software.

Or perhaps they just trust us, because we generally know what we are talking about. ;)

Or maybe we really are onto something and our business model is a better way to develop software.

Or maybe its all three :)


My lovely wife Erin has for some reason become a blogger.

She used to make fun of me for blogging.

Now she makes fun of me for using twitter.

Anyway, you will quickly see that I married up if you read her blog. She talks about her more than full time job of being a mom.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

On Architects

Bill de hÓra excerpts from Dietrich Kappe.

I couldn't agree more with:

If you've made the transition from a hierarchical environment to an agile, self-organizing team, you know what I'm saying. You won't ever want to go back..

I've been called various things. My last title was "Architect". Before that "Technologist". And now "Program Manager". I used to be a pretty decent developer, but never a great one. I'm starting to get ok again. I'll be pretty good again soon. I've worked with a lot of great developers so I know the difference between good and great. I figured out somewhere along the way that I'm fairly good at sensing what teams need and sucking it up and doing the often crucial not-so-fun stuff. I like doing this stuff because it is rewarding knowing that I contributed to a team. As time allows I make technical contributions too (more and more now). There is nothing like being on a high performing team and carrying your own weight.

Seagull Architects are an abomination. I had a realization as I left my last job; for a variety of reasons I never want to have the title "Architect" again. In talking to other "Architects" and former "Architects" I was fairly surprised how common this sentiment is. I'd be happy with what I have now or "Developer". I also like Steve Vinoski's "Member of the Technical Staff". I don't really care what you call me, but I do care that I carry my own weight. More than anything I care that I'm on a whole team that is already or has the potential to become a high performing team.

Let's just all just stop using the term "Architect" in software. How about we get rid of "Engineer" too while we are at it.

Friday, February 01, 2008


I've been freak busy as of late. My blog is suffering and will likely continue to suffer. I'm going to give twitter a try. I've scoffed at it for a while, but am now succumbing.

You can follow me around here.