Sunday, October 28, 2007

Enterprise 2.1

Mark Masterson is working on consolidating some enterprise memes into a list called Enterprise 2.1.

The whole naming thing is a little silly (e.g., Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0), but I suppose it does have its place in the communication of ideas.

Anyway, here is the list:

  • The impact of social software on the enterprise (the original Enterprise 2.0 meme)
  • The superiority of ROA over other distributed system design styles
  • The need to provide for reflective, adaptable behavior of business users rather than lock them into static, predefined processes
  • The desire to reduce (and control) complexity and system entropy through the rigorous application of ideas like lesscode, convention over configuration, and favoring simple, lightweight solutions over large system designs.

It might not fit - or might be too much of "the how" rather than "the what", but something about open standards and open code on the list might be appropriate.

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Mark Masterson said...

Thanks for the feedback, Mike. I agree about the name, BTW. It sucks. But if I hadn't used McAfee's term as a jumping off point, I worried it would have been too hard to make the connection clear.

FWIW, your quote is not "THE" list -- that's not the manifesto, it's the list of memes that I (think) I'm trying to synthesize *into* the manifesto. Here's the current build of the manifesto (

Favor ...

* Collaboration and adaptability over static business processes
* Porous customer relationships over opaque hierarchies
* Emergent systems over centralized command-and-control
* Lesscode and convention over complexity and configuration
* Internet protocols over proprietary middleware
* Resource orientation over service or object orientation for distributed systems design