Saturday, June 02, 2007

Why I have a blog

I haven't started using Twitter yet. But I saw this post from James Governor. It describes (at least in part) why I maintain this blog and why I read blogs.

James says: I can afford to drop a few percentage points of my own IQ because of the quality of insights the network brings me. It is like parallel processing. My chip can be lower power, fewer MHz, because this is a clustered, virtualised architecture. I am less intelligent but better connnected. Its a trade off I am more than willing to make.


Sarge said...

Five years ago a friend of mine said something like "I'm stupid without the Internet". It's pretty freakin' true. Vernor Vinge calls it "Amplified Intelligence", not a true thinking machine but the use of thinking machines to magnify humans' innate intelligence. A smartness force multiplier if you will.

Kris Tuttle said...

Understanding how to connect to the online world seems similar to learning to read and write a few hundred years ago. Being able to access existing information and create and share new knowledge are the tools of our times.

Thinking still matters to be sure but the raw materials we have access to and the ability to share our insights seem almost unlimited.

Irving Sequeira said...

I am reading the book Linked by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and the ideas are the interesting. The internet is the biggest network today and time "wisely wasted" on the internet can be more useful then widely perceived.