Monday, June 25, 2007

Out at the plate

Hey that was cool.

I watched the Oregon State baseball game on TV last night.

They repeated.

Best play was when they threw the guy out at the plate - that is the coolest play to watch in baseball. Really cool. It goes like this:

  1. Hitting team hits a screamer to the outfield and base-runner on first or second tries to score
  2. Fielding team outfielder runs and gets ball
  3. Outfielder chucks ball to relay guy
  4. Relay guy chucks ball to home plate
  5. Hitter either tries to get around, out run, or bumb rush catcher
I don't watch much sports anymore, but that was cool.

Yay Oregon State baseball team.


scott said...

Sarge and I love your blog.

Sarge said...

Go Beavs. As long as they're not playing the Ducks, I can be happy for them. ;)

mingala said...

you need to start watching more sports, dad. Brewers at Cubs today was some of the best ball of the season. Down 0-5 and came back to win with a walk off 3 run dinger by A Ramerez. We'll have to sports bar it or get together in one of our living rooms for a game in what promises to be an exciting second half of the season. 7 wins and counting, finally at .500! p.s. in order to geek up my post enough for it to be relevant to the friendly confines of fuzzy panic: I just installed KDE4 on my macbook pro. I know you'd be proud of me.