Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nice REST post

Joe Gregorio: RESTify DayTrader.

Why build a RESTful web service for DayTrader? Because I frequently hear that REST can't be applied to complex situations. I also want to use the example as motivation for talking about some of the idioms that are available to handle more extensive requirements.

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Jasen Halmes said...

Hey, I'm curious about what your thoughts are in the context of the REST solution described with respect to 1) reliability being supplied by a framework rather than the application and 2) the concept of putting all application state in each request with respect to application fabrics or "processing grids".

The reason I ask is when I read that article I was thinking, "Hey with Appistry's fabric you don't have to do some of this and you still get reliability." And then the concept of building a completely stateless application also fits nicely on an application fabric or "processing grid" since it leads to natural concurrency.