Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogging & Wiki Syntax

I really hate that when I type a post I have to type out the HTML. I spend hours a day inside of a wiki using wiki syntax that makes typing things like links, bulleted lists, and tables trivial. All of this takes way too much effort in creating a blog post. I use blogger - blogger you need a tab for wiki some wiki syntax - preferably the wiki syntax that I use at work. There must be something out there like this? Some client or some such?

Anybody know?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if there's anything for Blogger specifically (I use it too, but HTML doesn't annoy me - maybe I just don't post enough...), but you can try writing your posts in your favorite text editor and then run them through Markdown:


Quick Google search brings up this Greasemonkey script as the first result:


Sarge said...

Brother, you're as allergic to HTML as I am to hardware. ;)

Since all the cool kids use Macs, you should probably try Gruber's Markdown.

It seems like a low-hanging fruit with all the AJAX for someone to write a WYSIWYG text editor for the web. I think that would probably be even closer to what you want.

Fred Banana said...

he step up on me

PetrolHead said...


What platform are you on?

OS X, Windows, Linux????

And do you really want Wiki syntax or just some way to blog whilst avoiding HTML tags?


fuzzy said...



I just get very tired of typing "a href" and all it's bits. I'm lazy and like to link to stuff.

Wiki syntax would be ideal. A link is like this:
[Dan rocks|http://www.dancres.com].

BTW, I tried to register for that Seattle Google thing, but was too late. Would have been nice to kick it with you. Portland is only 3 hours drive if you want to come collect on some debts ;)


fuzzy said...

Oh - dan - wiki syntax ideal, but I could make due with something that just made it easier. What do you suggest?

PetrolHead said...

Hey Mike,

OS X - okay so I'd recommend you check out Ecto and MarsEdit. I use Ecto for my blogging activities these days and it certainly supports Blogger. I imagine MarsEdit must do but I can't vouch for it.

Anyways Ecto will provide you with HTML and WYSIWYG(ish) modes and other goodies like offline editing etc. MarsEdit will surely offer similar features.

Sad you can't make it to the Google Conference would've been good tech and good socializing! I fear I won't have time to cash in my beer tokens on this trip so I'll save them for another occasion :)