Tuesday, June 19, 2007

RIA Religion

Also via Stefan Tilkov on RIA Religion:

I would have to say that I am a into Pragmatic Neo-Desktopism.

It is new age and makes me feel like a better person. I yell at my cat for pawing incessantly at the door of his litter box at 4AM much less ever since I adopted this religion.

As I explore this new religion I have noted that all of my REST blog friends have a different view. This makes me nervous.

Anyhoo, I have said this before, but I like evolution and revolution. There is nothing like competition to push things forward. I think the following:

  • "RIA" is a stupid acronym/name. It is a great example of why I refuse to play the acronym game in naming projects. Give me a proper name and a cool obscure code name any day.
  • RIAs will meld back into the browser at some point because the browser will respond to the new fangled RIA bits (sorry Ajax is a hack is a hack is a hack)
And when this is done, we will rince and repeat and everyone will get excited and mad all over again, but along the way things will get a little cooler and a little better.

Hallelujah great Neo-Desktop-deity!!!

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Anonymous said...

Heh, good post. So how can we come up with a better name. We need something like Ajax that sounds cool.

I like neo-desktopism. Can I steal that?