Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fuzzy Egg Sandwich

I have somehow become a legend in my home for my egg sandwiches. My belated Christmas present to my readers is the recipe. You of course will not be able to replicate exactly, but you can try ;)

  1. One pad of butter to the frying pan (lowish heat)
  2. One organic egg cracked open to the frying pan (sunny side up) - cover
  3. 2 pieces of Dave's Killer Bread to the toaster
  4. When toast is done, egg is generally done. Turn off heat to egg
  5. One slice of Horizon Organic Cheddar Cheese to the top of the egg - cover
  6. As the cheese is melting (1 minute), start the toaster again to maintain crucial bread-heat-ratio
  7. Remove egg and place on one piece of toast
  8. Place ample amounts of hot sauce (either Marie Sharp's Habanero or Bali Spice Hot Chile Sauce) on the other side of toast
  9. Put hot sauce side on top of the egg side
  10. Slice in half
  11. Hand out to your family / devour
  12. Bask in the glory of your egg-sandwich-making-prowess


Dan Diephouse said...

Dude, you're making me hungry! And wishing I stocked eggs, bread, and cheese in my house - but alas all I have is a gallon of milk that has sat there too long.

mama_nata said...

Chef Fuzzy,

Are you possibly leaving out breakfast's most important ingredient - - bacon?

Interested in your thoughts...


fuzzy said...

I actually just tried adding bacon last weekend. It was delightful.

But it is good without as well.

edthebedhead said...

Hey! Where do you buy marie sharps in Portland? I don't know where to look and I just ran out! sad day...

fuzzy said...

I get mine at Phil's Meat Market in NW Portland.