Monday, December 24, 2007

Remember the Milk = Neat

People who have worked with me may remember me getting all excited about various task management approaches. I liked Getting Things Done and other techniques before that.

I typically go through phases of being very organized & very disorganized as I'm in various states of work flow/learning levels. Well I'm in an organized state right now as I have a lot to do for CSI and am learning at a high rate (Ruby, JRuby, the Rails way, etc).

I saw on somebody's a link to Remember the Milk. I remember hearing about it from Jive's Bill Lynch in the spring.

I gave it a try the other day and am pretty happy with it so far.

Here is why:

  • You can have as many lists as you want. Categories don't work for me.
  • It can IM you when things are due
  • It has an offline mode with Google Gears
  • It works well with my phone
  • You can email it tasks - for instance I was on a plane yesterday and I mailed it like 20 tasks. I categorized them today
  • You can render it by URL (like Evolution's task manager)
  • Very searchable
  • Integrates your task lists into views across them well

Time will tell if I stick with it, but so far so good on Remember the Milk.

Update 30-DEC

I forgot to mention perhaps the best part: Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Anonymous said...

The lesser part of my (quite successful for me) organizational methodology is a document in Emacs' Outline mode for my pending tasks. I have top-level categories of Pending, Blocked, and Completed (which get transferred into my status report every two weeks). Under each are the same (absent if empty) categories, e.g., Defects, Refactoring. Under that would be the specific defect or what have you.

The greater part of my methodology is to avoid getting assigned so many tasks that I need a more complicated methodology. ;)