Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MSFT Patent Links

Matt Asay: Some of the best thoughts on Microsoft's patent poll tax

Eben Moglen Video Goodness I love listening to him speak.

Jonathan Schwartz: That's not a genie any litigator I know can put back in a bottle.

I have to say, that Fortune magazine article was some pretty bad PR.

Viva FOSS! Viva Freedom! Viva Transparency! Viva free thinking clever people that do stuff!


MWesty said...


While it certainly looks like MSFT is being overly aggressive and taking the shotgun approach, don't you think it is likely that there actually are some patent infringements, particularly in the Office and Exchange space? Given the billions they have spent on those two products it is likely they come up with some novel approaches that deserve patent protection.

I look at it this way, they are evil ogres for the way they are using this patent dispute to spread FUD...but that should not get in the way of any legitmate (provable) claims. So I guess I agree with Tim Bray, "shut up and litigate".

fuzzy said...

There may be some I guess.

I don't believe in *any* software patents though.

Give the Eben Moglen video a look see.

I'll post some links later.

But yeah definitely agree with Tim Bray on that.