Sunday, May 13, 2007

Grid & the Web vs. JavaSpaces

Some of the grid computing concepts look awful similar to JavaSpaces. And the community appears to be thriving (as opposed to Jini/JavaSpaces which is not).

There are some OSS projects and a number of commercial vendors. Done properly, you can use many different languages and platforms (as opposed to just Java with JavaSpaces).

Perhaps it is better? Simpler or more complicated? Not as good, but good enough? What about associative memory? Grid + REST + XMPP + Atom? Something else? More locked in or less?

I do love the promise of the tuple space. I hope some day it makes it into the mainstream. I no longer think it will any time soon, sadly. There are forces out there that I do not understand that will continue to relegate it to the niche category of "high performance computing". Until there is a thriving community around it, few will embrace it. I hope this changes. I certainly will be watching.

5/13/2007 9:45 PST Updated some links.

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brad said...

I agree. I keep trying to figure out why queues and topics are used so much, when a tuple space makes more sense for many applications that need messaging.

It is so much easier to use a JavaSpace vs. JMS queues. My options right now are to use many queues or a complicated messaging filtering mechanism.

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