Sunday, May 13, 2007


GridGain smartly pays Google so they show up when you google "oss grid". Otherwise, they only show up on the second page and I wouldn't have seen it today.

I read about it for 30 minutes and didn't run away screaming. Looks like a pretty young product. I'm also a bit afraid of AOP, but I'm a simpleton. They also use Spring - see it is everywhere. But they are FOSS and run on JBoss so hey - maybe it isn't bad.

Anyways, thoughtful people that seem to know some stuff and know how to try to start a community by documenting things fairly well. They also seem to be disatisfied with highfalutin grids that talk big, but don't deliver. We can all relate to that.

Anybody know anything about it?

2 comments: said...

What is it you are trying to do grid computing-wise? Drop me a note and I can describe the current situation with the mainstream grid technologies and the various standards being evolved.

Nikita said...

Hi Mike,
Interesting timing... We've been 18 months in development and about to
go "live" in the coming days. We've been using Google (silently so) to
attract beta-testers so-to-speak and we've just released 1.0.1 based on
their feedback (more than 1000 downloads for the last 40 days).

We've also been upgrading documentation heavily so that product can have
a chance to be properly evaluated.

We'll be making a lot more noise in the coming weeks and months.

Anyways, thanks a lot for looking!