Monday, May 28, 2007

Lift on Scala & the Functional JVM

Tim O'Reilly mentions Lift on Scala.

Pretty wild.

There really are a crap load of Java APIs out there. Like it or not, Java owns the enterprise today. Maybe adding functional foo on top of Java is a good compromise. One could then have the joy of functional programming and use said crap load of Java APIs.

Is the JVM the way forward? Or will something deep in its belly only allow this approach to go so far?

What kind of mind bending errors do you have to acclimate too etc.?

Via Zack Urlocker

Update: Good Article: First Steps to Scala One reason you might want to use Scala is that it allows you to increase your productivity compared to Java while leveraging JVM execution speed, your existing investments in Java code, knowledge, and the vast array of APIs available for the JVM. It has the conciseness of a dynamic language like Ruby or Python, but it is statically typed, like Java. Another reason is that Scala comes with an Erlang-like Actors library that greatly simplifies concurrent programming, but runs on the JVM.


Sarge said...

Some buddies of mine that work for a certain huge bookseller in the PNW are using Erlang at work for functional foo.

Patrick Logan said...

Scala - why the pho didn't I look at this earlier? Cool.

Sergiu Rata said...

The way things are going it looks like Scala is the way of the future, becoming to Java what Java was to C when it first appeared.