Wednesday, January 31, 2007


All you have to do is say whilst and you sound smart.

Why is it that Euro English appeals to me and Canadian English doesn't?

I guess it is just really Irish and English - English that I get a kick out of.

The best is how the Irish (at least the Belfastians I work with) say their filler word. Instead of "um" or "ugh" it's "em". To be globerly (neighborly), we here in Portland have started to say "em" as well. We also occasionally throw them a bone and say "dater".

01-FEB-2007 - Update misspelling per email from my dear mother: Subject: Spelling Correction on Your Blog

uh........em...............not "through" but "throw" mom :)



Sarge said...

I'll drop the occasional "whilst". But I also use "chuffed" and "git". Sometimes I'll use my Patrick Stewart voice but other times I stick with the default. That's just how I roll.

To be fair to the Canucks, shouldn't you also use "eh" as a filler word? After all, they will be hosting the Olympics in three years; you'd hate to be stopped at the border for being a Canadaphobe.

I thought "Belfaster" was preferred o'er "Belfastian", but what do I know?

Lizzy said...

I blame EIG for your dislike of Canadian "processes"... ya, I know I am like 2 years late to the party but I like your blog. BAWK