Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Walking to work in the snow in Portland

It snowed a whopping 4-5 inches in Portland yesterday from 5-8 AM.

In a city that does not have many snow plows, this is a problem.

Luckily for me, I walk to work so it was no problem.

Our office shut down at 12:30 PM - this was nice I was able to get things done. The problem with snow days in corporate America is that none of the deadlines move.

I grew up in Michigan - it took over a foot of snow to make anyone even think of shutting school down etc.

I was blathering about this to my co-workers when Ed pointed out that I now get cold when it is less than 50 degrees. In true Portland form, I wear a ski hat if it is less than 50 degrees. And sometimes when it is over 60 degrees. I guess 6 years in Portland has an affect on you. I wish I could say "You can take the boy out of the Midwest, but not the Midwest out of the boy". Or something like that. But at least on this front, it appears that I am being assimilated. Oh well.

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Sarge said...

It's amazing to what we can acclimate. I know that I could no longer tolerate the temperatures of Hell^H^H^H^HSoCal.

My cousin lives in the Midwest and tries to heckle us for shutting down for a few inches of snow. Tries, that is, until I remind her that here the temp gets above freezing during the day to make a nice sheet of ice. Ice is good for curling but bad for driving.