Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow results in Chili. Chili results in Hot Sauce. Hot Sauce Results in . . .

Alright so I'm a B-player on hot sauce tolerance, but I still like it.

You need to try this particular hot sauce and you don't have to be some sort of hot sauce meat head to like it.

Marie Sharp - Belize. The one I have is the "Habanero Pepper Sauce - HOT". It is a mix of carrots and habanero and it is delightful.

I oddly had chili with lunch that was average to poor. My beautiful wife then happened to make chili for dinner that was good to delicious. I added some of this sauce to it and it became delightful.

I got a tip on this sauce from the best butcher in Portland a few years ago and am on my third bottle.


Sarge said...

Me wimpy. BBQ sauce is about it for me.

Mark Griffin said...

Always looking for good chili. Care to post the recipe your wife has? By the way it's like 34 and raining right now, hot spicy chili would hit the spot.

fuzzy said...

Hi Mark,

Here it is:

It is called "Chile con Carne with Beans" from Cooking Light.

My wife tries to contain my girth.


fuzzy said...

Oh I just asked my wife, she also added black beans and extree chili powder.

Mark Griffin said...