Thursday, January 18, 2007

So I'm not a courier - SO WHAT!?!?

Portland is a bike town. It wins awards for bike friendliness and what not.

There are also lots of couriers. Lots of them are rather insane and ride on their tricked out fixed gear bikes. These things are sexy bikes - flat out. You have to be either stupid or have insanely strong legs to be able to ride one of these things.

Anyways, as I consistently note, I am wershed up. These dudes aren't. They are cool - Portland gromit cool. If I was cool again, I'd be one of these dudes.

They also have tricked out back packs - you know the kind - all messengered out.

So as you know, I walk to work - it rocks. I recently bought a tricked out messenger bag. It's orange, ginormous and pure bold. And it is water PROOF not water resistent (when you live in Portland, you care about these things).

If you aren't pure bold enough for a messenger bag they have all sorts of other not messing around bags that may be to your liking.

This will conclude the 2007 Portland Snow blog series. I will return to tech blather next time.


Edward Ott said...

I remember walking to work, ahh it was so nice. now i got a bloody 20 minute drive. need to get a new bike and just risk the roads.

ed said...

It's Portland. You can do whatever you want here. Wear that ginormous backpack with pride.

Dennis said...

I've seen that Messenger bag. It kind of looks like an orange version of the thingy they deliver pizzas in. "Pure Bold" pizzas, but pizzas, nonetheless.