Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mobile Code vs. Mobile Data

As I am trying to learn more about Jini and specifically mobile code, I came across this blog post at discipline and punish.

For almost a decade now we've been steadily marching towards mobile data. For many, distributed computing is summed up by the motto: it's just data. But it's interesting to note that, with the (re)(re)emergence of Grid Computing, mobile code is poised to make a comeback. While mobile data allows for a lot of dynamicity in the consumer-side, it's mobile code that lets you deal with major dynamicity on the service-side. When you have dozens (or hundreds, or thousands) of nodes constantly coming and going then highly mobile services really start to pay off. The JINI guys are certainly on to something and question of which approach scales better is far from settled. I suspect in the future we'll rely heavily on both distributed computing styles.

Sounds about right.

Also Dan Creswell is helping to educate me - thanks Dan!

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