Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Utility Computing & Open Dater

Man, utility computing is really going nuts lately. Check out Sun (via Tim Bray): Sun's Shipping Container.

At OSCON, Tim O'Reilly talked a lot about Open Dater. At the time I remember being slightly annoyed because he talked about it a lot.

But as the months have gone by since OSCON, I have thought about it several times so he certainly got my attention.

Anyhoo, cool shipping crate, very cool shipping crate.

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Sarge said...

That photo looks photoshopped to me. The others when following the links look real enough, but the lettering in the first one looks too flat. Maybe it was ugly and they had it retouched.

Once they make them capable of withstanding 10 Gs we can airdrop the bad boys into hostile territory. As it slides out the back of the C-17s with members of the 42nd Tactical Grid Computing Battalion, the "Grid Reapers", hanging onto its rigging to free fall alongside it.