Friday, October 13, 2006

Bradley C. Wheeler

Bradley C. Wheeler is a pretty impressive dude.

Quite an Open Source visionary "if you will". He is the founding force behind community source.

He gave the closing keynote at GOSCON today. He gave by far the best presentation I saw. And he has a certain irreverent zip to him that I relate to.

He also announced that the much anticipated Kuali 1.0 was released today. Pretty brave seeing its Friday the 13th. If you are in the market for a university ERP system, you may test drive it here. Hopefully it will be as successful as Sakai.

You may think that its easy to pull this type of thing off in academia, sure didn't sound like it was. But it is now because they have established the model. And there is major corporate involvement. This is not communism. As Brad said, this is creative destruction - exactly what capitalism is all about.

If they can build these things with OSS, what can't be built with OSS?

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