Sunday, October 22, 2006

Espresso I love you

I love espresso.

Portland is the epicenter for coffee Or at least one of them.

Check out this article from the Willamette Week:

Bean Town Thanks to a gang of coffee fanatics, Portland is the center of a new microbrew revolution.

That is what I'm talkn' about!!

Coffee is a big part of the Portland culture and I love it! At work, our team rips a trip across the street to our local independent coffee shop, J Cafe, at least 1x a day. We alternate paying. This is basically our Scrum stand-up meeting "if you will". We mix in cheap jokes and walk around the block and also talk about our projects. I dig this.

Each morning, I fire up my Francis! Francis! espresso machine and pull 4 shots. 2 for me and 2 for my lovely wife. Before long, our 1.5 year old will get in on the fun ;)

I am a b player barrista at best. No c player. I use "e.s.e. pods" (easy serving espresso). They work pretty well. I have been buying cases of Illy for a couple years. I just realized that e.s.e. is a coffee industry standard. I'm going to check out some of the other brands available at PodMerchant. Illy will be tough to beat though.

If you come to Portland, you must go to Stumptown. Best coffee ever flat out.

Yes, at this moment I am "over served" on espresso. Yes that is why I am blogging about it. SO WHAT!?!


Sarge said...

Nothing tops the hotties the Orenco Station Starbucks had during the bubble years. Ah, good times.

Kris_Tuttle said...

Coffee is indeed an intellectual and spirtual experience. Illy is also the brand to look for when you are away from home and needing a good expresso brew. There are others but Illy is generally available around the world and never disappoints.

After reading your post I almost want to work in Portland but then I remember the rain... ;-)

fuzzy said...

Hey Kris,

Having lived in Boston I can say without a doubt that the weather in Portland is 5x better here. Yes it rains, SO WHAT!? But it doesn't get cold or hot and their are no bugs. It is temperate. This means it is usually "just right".

But it isn't for everyone.

Being a good Oregonian, I am supposed to push the rain myth to keep too many people from moving here, but I can contain myself ;)