Thursday, July 27, 2006

OSCON = Exhausted

Well, another OSCON is coming to an end.

It has been great. I am exhausted. If there was any doubt, I am now completely 100% washed up. I went out Monday, Tues, Wed. Last night especially. Monday, went out with a crew to the Portland City Grill. Tuesday, different crew - different restaurant. Last night was insane. Went to the Jive Software, OTBC, OSL party which was insane. Met Matt Raible. That gentleman is insane (in a good way). Also Bill Lynch from Jive. Also insane.

The sessions have been pretty good, although they have the annoying habbit of putting 2-3 sessions I want to attend all in the same time slot & then having none in the next, but all and all good show.

I met / listened to some of my favorite bloggers in sessions:

I was pretty impressed with a Sun session I went to. As I said in May, I think they are starting to come back. Now I have nothing against Ruby, but this session was a breath of fresh air as the Sun dudes were wicked smart and thoughtful. Some in the Ruby crowd (while also smart) are not so thoughtful.

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Sarge said...

Feel free to buy Sun stock. Me, I'll keep my money. ;) I think I'll wait to see if the Schwartz is with them.

My experience with Sun employees has also shown them to be smart and thoughtful. I've no experience with Ruby employees, er, supporters. CenterSpan showed, though, that having smart and thoughtful employees does not a business model make. The advantages that open source projects have is much lower operating costs. I don't know what will happen to Java and its frameworks when they're open-sourced, but open-sourced they will be.