Monday, July 17, 2006

Blog Policy

I republished all of my posts today in order to bring my blog in compliance with my employer's, (Liberty Mutual, Agency Markets) developing blog policy. I needed to get the disclaimer on all of the pages. Sorry for screwing up your RSS reader.

My blog has been unconnected with my employer until recently when I posted some jobs, which, made it clear who I work for.

I inquired about a blog policy (since one didn't exist) and one is now in the works. In the interim, I received some initial guidelines.

It is your standard stuff:

  • The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Liberty Mutual
  • Vendors mentioned are not free to quote with attribution Liberty Mutual

But besides that, I was encouraged to continue blogging. I'm happy about this because I really enjoy doing it. I learn more from reading blogs and maintaining a blog then almost anything. There is something about just writing down your thoughts about complicated things in a public forum that makes you think harder in general. There is a real joy when you see people reading your blog (even though I only get 50 unique readers per day so far except when someone links to me), commenting on posts, and linking to it. I have made a handful of "blog friends" who I really respect. And some of our best candidates for the jobs I posted have come through my blog. I am a huge believer in blogs in general - not just for technology, but for all things. Blogs are driving tons of innovation and progress because they are breaking down traditional walls. That can be dangerous, but there is much more upside then downside. I am glad that I work for a company that cautiously encourages this.

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Sarge said...

Mad props on the blog, gangsta. I think it's pretty cool that you blog about this kind of stuff. It's a fun place for me to play pundit.

I'm just not so into the technology so my blog is pure punditry. I work hard to not mention who pays me and the name of my product. It's not because I'm not proud of them but I want to avoid the issues you encountered vis a vis blog policy. Although my guess is that my employer is even more laissez faire than yours. Just to be safe, though.