Tuesday, July 18, 2006

U.S. Dpt. of Defense and Open Source Software

Saw this via Matt Asay.

Guess who is saying: To summarize: OSS and open source development methodologies are important to the National Security and National Interest of the U.S. for the following reasons:

  • Enhances agility of IT industries to more rapidly adapt and change to user needed capabilities.
  • Strengthens the industrial base by not protecting industry from competition. Makes industry more likely to compete on ideas and execution versus product lock-in.
  • Adoption recognizes a change in our position with regard to balance of trade of IT.
  • Enables DoD to secure the infrastructure and increase security by understanding what is actually in the source code of software installed in DoD networks.
  • Rapidly respond to adversary actions as well as rapid changes in the technology industrial base.

Yes, the U.S. Dpt. of Defense that is who. Now don't you feel silly for believing all that FUD?

Oh wait, there is more to Open Source then cost savings? Wait, now I get it!!

Seriously, this is good news for Open Source.

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