Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brighter Sun

Good to hear via James Governor that things are looking up for Sun.

I have largely made my living off of Sun's innovation (Java) for the past 10 years.

It has bugged me that they haven't open sourced Java, but sounds like they have decided to do so now eventually.

And sounds like Jonathan Schwartz is bringing a much needed new direction to the company.

I think that we all had enough of the negative Sun - I'm looking forward to a brighter Sun (impressive come back - you just have to love OSS).


Sarge said...

I'm gonna go with Cringely on this one: Sun is dead.

Anjan said...

hi there,

Open sourcing Java is good for SUN'S competitors. It is NOT good for sun. I'm not even sure that this will help java developers or sun's customers.

Now, we have to take special care if an implementation is compliant -- more testing!

Otherwise, sun needs to add a lot of consultants and support engineers to support all the opensource server software to get any revenue. So far, we have NOT seen any indications of a big hiring spree for their consulting division.

I look forward to seeing sun become one of the leading contenders in the enterprise solutions space.


fuzzy said...

Hi Anjan,

I'm optimistic. It won't be chaos or anything. Sun has just decided to open source Java – it now they has to get a structure in place that will keep it sane. They will still test it thoroughly. If anything I think there will be more testing.

I think it is will result in innovation and will keep Java as a dominant language.

Really exciting IMHO.


Kris_Tuttle said...

When you can see a clear path between whatever the new strategy is and increased revenues, margins and earnings you can start to talk about a brighter Sun. Until then it's just so much marketing. They are not alone in doing it but they have been doing it for a long time with zero results.

I admit I am a skeptic but still open minded if facts emerge.