Monday, November 26, 2007

Ubuntu Thinkpad

I spent part of my evening installing Ubuntu on my new Thinkpad.

The download of Ubuntu went fine. Burning a CD/DVD took 6 tries!

After that, though, it was smooth sailing. Ubuntu found my wireless network & prompted me to install the proprietary NVIDIA driver for my graphics card.



quark said...

Next time, don't waste time or plastic on burning CD's. Just install through UNetbootin, which only requires a working OS on the laptop (or on a bootable device like a floppy disc, USB drive or (sic) CD). It downloads the whole installation for you on the fly too, so you don't need anything but UNetbootin and a working internet connection (connected through ethernet).

fuzzy said...

Very cool - I did not know about that thanks.

My child was sleeping near our ethernet port though so last night it wouldn't have been an option anyway.