Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kenny and Zukes

I went to Kenny and Zukes yesterday. I had a pastrami sandwich. It was freakishly good.

Erik Onnen claims it is better than NYC. I have to (gasp) agree. Dang good. And right down the street from me. Yum.


Sarge said...

Do Erik or you recommend anything in addition to the pastrami?

fuzzy said...

That is all I have had, but I have no doubt that it is all good there. Place rocks.

mama_nata said...

oooh finally a post I can comment on!

@kenny & zukes:
- half sour deli pickles FROM THE CASE (be clear on this, otherwise you risk getting the little ones they normally just give you with the sandwiches. still good, but not as amazing.)
- bagels and lox, or better yet their house-cured gravlax
- lemon bars (mmmm)
- check out their awesome mustard selection and the killer deal - - something like if you buy a jar of mustard, they'll put it on your sandwich and discount your sandwich by two bucks...

zuzu and i will be there with the stroller as soon as she gets out of my womb.