Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Next Chapter

I am going to start the next chapter of my career at Collaborative Software Initiative.

As I get my feet under me there in the coming weeks I'll say more about it.

I have had a fantastic time in my current position & have learned a ton. I have worked with wonderful & brilliant people. Leaving is definitely bittersweet.

But this opportunity is where my heart is. I am passionate about open source and more specifically open source in vertical markets & government.

You only live once & you only get a shot at fulfilling your dreams a couple times. When opportunity knocks you must jump with both feet.

Wish me luck.


Nikita said...

Hey Mike,
Best of luck on this chapter. Sounds interesting and refreshing...

Nikita Ivanov.
GridGain Systems.

sarastro said...

best of luck Mike - we never got to have that pint of guiness in Belfast!


PetrolHead said...

Good luck Mike,

Sounds like the right choice to me!



tquaile said...

It's sad to see you go and your energy will be missed around here. Good luck!!!

Sarge said...

The contrarian in me wants to say something snarky but I just can't bring myself to do it. Best of luck in your new venture, bruddah. As to the Guiness, well, hoist a PBR tallboy for me.

biske said...

Good luck in the new position, Mike.

Todd Biske

dehora said...

Good luck Mike!

There's huge potential, if you can get cross-agency/dept thing dealt with.

Pete Lacey said...

I'm a little late to the party, but congratulations, Mike, on your new position! CSI looks like it has real legs. Keep in touch.


Erik Onnen said...

Congratulations dude. I'm sure you guys will kick some serious, free as in beer ass.

Steve Vinoski said...

Mike, the new opportunity looks pretty cool! Hope it all goes well for you.


Mark said...

Well that explains a few things 8-)