Sunday, November 04, 2007


For whatever reason I stopped watching sports when I moved to Oregon 6 years ago. I think it was because I started getting into my own sports more here (fly fishing, hiking, biking) & it was hard to see the teams I liked on TV here.

I have followed Oregon State and Oregon a little bit, but not very much.

Yesterday was the first time I felt myself becoming a Duck Fan.

My dad called me from the Michigan - Michigan State game to report that Michigan State was coming back - I was watching the Oregon game completely unaware. I grew up a fairly big Michigan State fan.

I think that the fact that Oregon is doing so well is a big part of my interest. But as I make more and more Oregonian friends (who are fanatics for Oregon), I find myself caring a bit more. It is funny how the longer you live somewhere the more it feels like home.

That Dixon dude is ridiculous - very exciting QB to watch. I hope his knee isn't canned.

Update PS. I am still very sad that Michigan beat Michigan State. I hate it when MSU loses to Michigan or Notre Dame.


Sarge said...

Go Ducks!

R'yn said...

Go Buckeyes! I hope OSU and OU play in the BCS championship. I'll talk major dung!