Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OSCON - Eben vs. Tim O'Reilly

Wow, Eben Moglen and Tim O'Reilly really got into it today at OSCON.

They are two people I respect - debate == good.

Couple quotes:

Eben: I was reading you last week - talking about we need to revisit what freedom means. (this is what has Eben really hot)

Eben: Gave 10 year licensing opportunity to have conversation in public policy concern and not licensing concern." "Go back to rights and responsibilities.

Eben: We gave you 10 years - I just bought you enough time so that we can fix.

Eben: We are going to have some social charters and ecological rules of the road

Basically, Eben is pissed because he believes Tim is a self-promoter (Web 2.0) and that he is making money on the back of OSS and is now talking about how we need to focus more on freedom.

Interesting conversation to say the least.

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