Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Compiere Change

I saw this on one of Matt Asay's blogs.

It is nice to see Compiere getting back on track.

I noticed last October that they got forked.

I also read this essay by their new CEO (from Oracle).

I found it interesting. It will be interesting to see if an old dog can turn it around. He seems like he has done his homework.

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Trifon said...


do you believe that Compiere can became as good as Adempiere? One single company against big community. Adempiere has one year advantage with over 500 bug fixes and couple of new functionalities.
- Delphi client
- 2 web interfaces
- EDI export functionality

I think that Compiere have to do very, very big homework if they want to be as good as Adempiere.

Kind regards,