Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Apache CXF 2.0

Dan Diephouse announces Apache CXF 2.0.

Dan is an impressive dude.

But then again, Dan is from Grand Rapids, MI. People from there in general are pretty impressive.

Now I have been known to bash WS-*. But CXF (XFire) does more than that. And Dan is a pretty thoughtful dude who just stays above the fray and slings solid code.

Anyhoo, congratulations Dan.

Everybody buy Dan a beer at OSCON.

Updated to "CXF" from "CFX" 04-JUL


Sarge said...

Isn't Eminem from Grand Rapids? ;)

dan said...

Thanks for the kind words!

GR people rock! Although there really could be more of a tech community here...

(BTW - its CXF not CFX :-))

fuzzy said...

Thanks Dan - I fixed it.

Yeah, let me know on the tech community in GR. If I ever move home at least you are there. What is it like working out of there?

It would be hard for me to leave Portland for anywhere - there is a pretty decent tech community here, although it could be better. It seems to get better all the time, but it isn't Silicon Valley or anything.