Monday, December 18, 2006

Jini Red Pill

My point is, that all this JBI/BPM/Web Services/'Lets Ra-ra-ra about RoR' is what you get and what you accept when you take the Blue Pill, so the thing is why don't you have a go with something different, could be anything (for those that have never tried Jini but have even a slight interest in SOA, have a look it doesn't bite). Follow your enthusiasm, you'll never know where it might take you. Take a chance - take the Red Pill

I like all references to the (now) eternal Red Pill. I loves the Red Pills. They keep me spry and handome.

I also like all things and people that are wise enough to diss JBI/BPM/Web Services in one sentence. Now that is a skill.

Mind you I have heaps to learn about Jini and JavaSpaces. Just saying I like this sentence.

All I know is WS-* is dead, REST doesn't cut it for (a lot of) the stuff I do, and I know enough already about the problems with ESBs and Messaging. I want some new problems to deal with. Or at least I want to fix a couple problems. No idea where it will go at this point.

I will say that I am going to be really pissed at Sun if Jini does turn out to be great. I mean I lived through 5 years (5 years!!!) of J2EE - all of it - even CMP!! If Jini is heaps better and Sun put me through that misery just because they totally botched the marketing campaign around Jini then I'm going to be a little upset.


Sarge said...

I looked a Jini years ago. (Could it really be ten?) I really liked what I saw back then. It seemed very elegant and powerful. The problem I had then was lack of implementations. If there implementations as robust and mature as the JMS implementations, it would certainly be worth some prototyping.

The spaces concept has existed for longer than just JavaSpaces. I implemented a messaging system on top of a spaces (DSS, if you're curious) implementation many years ago. Again, I think spaces are elegant and cool but the key is finding a robust and mature implementation.

Garrett said...

When did RoR end up on the blue-pill-not-different side of things? In my world it is still firmly in the red pill camp.

Geva Perry said...

"the key is finding a robust and mature implementation"

You know what I am going to say:
check out

Patrick Logan said...

I love this bit from the referenced port...

"I look at Web Services and shake my head - design by committee often doesn't work, but design by several committees is just shambolic."

fuzzy said...


Yep Ruby is fine - that is why I left that one off :) I do sometimes wonder if DHH would poop his pants if he saw the inside of a ginormous system though.

I have high hopes for Ruby, just doesn't fit for the big ones right now IMHO.

It of course works great for any of number of things though. I don't pretend to be an expert on it - just started learning it 6 months or so ago and man its got some syntax candy in it (blocks and what not).