Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blog Tagged

Patrick Logan blog tagged me.

You are supposed to share 5 little known things about yourself.

Update 15-DEC-2006 Patrick Logan wondered why I didn't take the time to explain my nickname, "fuzzy" and "panic" (i.e., Panic From Fuzzy). So I'll work it into my five things. Just a warning - it isn't very exciting.

Here are my 5:

  1. Probably the best thing that ever happened to me was being "held back" (i.e., failed) the first grade. I was just a late bloomer. But who knows what would have happened if I continued on when I wasn't quite ready. I give my parents *a lot* of credit for letting me fail at lots of things when I was young. They also encouraged me to pick myself back up. Based on my experience, I think the best thing parents can do is let their children fail. It teaches them resilience. If they don't fail when they are young they will not know how to deal with things that are hard when they are in the real world. If they aren't failing once in a while, you aren't doing your job as a parent.
  2. In high school I played hockey, tennis, and soccer (for 1 year). I liked hockey best. I quit soccer to play hockey more (I had some catching up to do). I was an average player. Getting up for 5:30 AM ice time was very good for teaching me work ethic. I received the nickname "Fuzzy" on my high school hockey team. No particular reason - you know how nicknames sometimes just stick. My Dad calls me Fuzzy and me friends from college and high school do as well. I basically stopped it once I entered "the real world", but it has seen a resurgence since I named my blog this (go figure).
  3. I attended The University of Dayton. It is a Catholic school. The brothers there are Marionist and their philosophy is to "Promote quality education of the whole person". This worked well for me. I studied a lot, but also "socialized" a lot. I really enjoyed my years at UD. Today I am not that into organized religion. But I am still a spiritual person. I need to figure out what to do about this in the next year or two as my child grows. I want her to be spiritual too. I might go religion shopping or I might just go to a Catholic church.
  4. I got a C in my first computer science class. Programming was very hard for me at first. You may laugh, but the concept of loops *blew my mind*. I remember sitting in my professor's office telling him how hard I was working (I was) and having him say that computer programming isn't for everyone and maybe I should hang it up. My resilience kicked in here and I eventually got it. I am very glad I stuck with it because I really love what I do for a living. The term "panic" came from UD. My friends and I were very into lingo (using clever word plays etc.). For whatever reason, the word "panic" was used often. I still think that it is a very versatile word and that it is applicable to heaps of "real world" situations.
  5. I love the outdoors. I hike and fly fish as much as I can (less since I had a child 1.5 years ago). My favorite activity is definitely fly fishing. I stop thinking about work related stuff for hours on end when I go fly fishing
Here are my 5 tags: Sarge Dodge, Mike Dierken, Matt Asay, markg, Kris Tuttle