Friday, December 15, 2006


So we have some killer jobs opening in Portland, Oregon and Indianapolis, Indiana if you are interested.

The job description is a wee bit enterprisey, but that is just how our CTO talks. He's a great dude and isn't enterprisey to a fault. Very empowered place to work. Come join the fun. Let me know if you are interested (mherrick66 AT yahoo DOT com).

Basically you need to be a digital assassin, a leader, play exceptionally well in the sandbox with all kinds and have communication skills. You know commodity type skill set ;)

You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills..

Update 18-DEC-2006 To apply online go here. It is req# 27179BR. For the Portland job, you need to have some mainframe experience (e.g., VSE, iSeries-AS400, zSeries-MVS). You also have to have IT portfolio management experience. This job has a range of levels that you can be hired in as depending on your experience.

Technologist/Architect Job Description

Serves in multiple leading architectural roles across multiple projects and domains. Role is for the highest level professional ranking within IT. Must be capable of handling an aggressive and challenging workload at the highest levels of quality and throughput.

Responsible for developing business systems plans, roadmaps, and strategies that drive the delivery of software solutions which provide competitive advantage in the three to five year time frame. Works with solution delivery teams to provide direction, guidance, and hands-on mentoring. Reviews and develops architectural models and solution artifacts at both conceptual and detailed levels. Analyses highly complex enterprise wide system, technical, process and product issues to develop strategic direction and transformation plans -- participates in and is responsible for effective execution.

In-depth knowledge of business operations, objectives and strategies; in-depth understanding of global business and technology trends and the financial services industry. Experienced in applying best practices of architecture governance, methodology, and agile methods at both project and enterprise levels. Leads projects of strategic impact. Drives end-to-end life cycle improvements in IT processes.

Must have superior verbal and written communication skills, and have demonstrated application at all levels of business, systems, and executive interaction. Role requires extensive development of materials ranging from proposals, strategies, standards, architecture assessments, research papers, and presentation materials for diverse audiences.

Generally, the following minimum requirements apply: 15 years of related experience; Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science or similar; current mastery of multiple architecture specializations (i.e. information, data, application, solution, integration, or enterprise architecture); current experience and mastery of IT concepts, strategies, software engineering, and modeling techniques.

Candidates will be required to demonstrate proficiency via sample written exercises, modeling scenarios in one or more disciplines, and potentially analytical and/or software engineering tests.

Range of technical skills required include: Information Management (governance, strategy, meta data processes); Data Management (logical data modeling, enterprise warehousing, business intelligence, object-relational modeling); Enterprise Architecture (business and technical reference models, solution architecture, legacy systems modernization, business process modeling); Software Engineering (full lifecycle development, including management, compliance, UML modeling); Network and Infrastructure Architecture; Enterprise Application Integration (mainframe architecture, J2EE middleware, ERP implementation); Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management.

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