Saturday, September 02, 2006

Panic in a WIKI

We are in total brainstorm panic mode at work lately.

A very high level of thinking and learning occurring for the people I work with and me. You know that feeling. When you are full of stress because you have so much to do, but you don't really care because it is so exhilarating?

We are essentially living in our WIKI all day.

It is the most efficient way I have ever had a panic like this before.

We used WIKIs before, but it wasn't like this. The pace wasn't like this.

As an example, yesterday we had to get a slide deck together quickly. I just went into the WIKI and outlined it. And then over the course of the day the presentation magically appeared. It went through many revisions in near real time. It needs a little polish, but all the meat is there now.

If we had tried to meet about this for 1 hour, emailed it around, etc. it wouldn't have worked.

Anyway, been a WIKI fan for a while, but had no idea it could handle panic like this!


Sarge said...

I use MediaWiki and like it lots. Our former group uses XWiki and it doesn't sound like it's as easy to use. Of course, they also have the requirement that the wiki can't require special syntax. Dee-dee-dee.

fuzzy said...

We use MoinMoin. What is so neat about MediaWiki?