Friday, September 01, 2006

Give it a REST

Mark Baker interviewed by Stefan Tilkov.

I get tired of blathering on about WS-*, REST, et. al. but am sure glad Mark still has his mojo. Seriously, where does he get that mojo?


Stefan Tilkov said...

I know the feeling ... but I meet so many people who still don't have the slightest idea there's an alternative to WS-* that I consider it worth doing :-)

fuzzy said...

Stefan - absolutely. I'm glad you did the interview - solid effort. Keep it up!

markg said...

It was a very good interview. I guess my only comment would be about vendor support. The major vendors don't seem to share the same viewpoint on REST. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, BEA, webMethods, Tibco, HP etc etc are all building their products and pushing the standards around Web Services.

I don't see that changing anytime soon. The major vendors still control the market both in terms of products and mindshare. I'm not saying it's right or wrong just that it is what it is.

fuzzy said...
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fuzzy said...

Sure, the proprietary integration is what it is ... but I wouldn't want to be them.

Just don't buy it.

If I was closely looking at any of those new fangled web services products I'd consider it a victory if somehow I just convinced people to make do with what they had.

I guess it comes down to if you like the false simplicity of clicky tools or if you just want stuff to be as simple as they can be.

Alright, I'm yammering and making little sense - I need coffee ;)

Thanks Mark