Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cyclocross Bike?

So I have to convince the Mrs., but I really want a bike. I haven't had one in long time.

I walk to/from work every day. One of the better things ever invented. But I want to mix it up with biking as well. Portland is rather bitchn' for biking.

I also want to take this bike up to Forest Park and other tame "mountain bikeish" places. Let's be honest here, I'm washed up. I won't be jumping anything anytime soon.

I test drove a Lemond Poprad today.

And a co-worker & friend of mine Ed recommends these as well:

Surly certainly wins my heart with clever lingo (and the word "surly" is quite versatile):

. . .What does all this mean to you? Options, kid, that's what. Get yer freak on. Gears? Great. Single speed? No sweat. Commuter? Touring bike? Grocery getter? Bring it on. Or, build it as a bonafide 'cross bike and race it. It likes it.


Sarge said...

Three words: Nice helmet, pussy.

fuzzy said...

LOL, yes that was the last bike in my possession!