Wednesday, September 06, 2006

8 Years of Episodes to Mine

Yeah so, if there was any doubt, we will be mining the 8 years of Magnum P.I. episodes for our project code names. Everybody likes witty code names - EVERYBODY.

Oh, you are using some stupid acronym for your project that everyone hates? Well, as Sarge would say, "you made your choices".

I am quite pleased with this - Magnum P.I. was a great show.

8 years of episodes! That is 8 years of characters! And 8 years of other mindless fun-facts that are at our disposal.

Oh and if you thought you were cool using mountains or rivers or something lame like that for your code names, well, you aren't. You are, admittedly better then the acronym crowd.

Fittingly, our first code name is "Magnum".


Sarge said...

I can't wait for Project Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii.

Chris Winters said...

I can see it: Zeus, Apollo, Masters, King Kamehameha, TC...

fuzzy said...

The name I am most looking forward to so far is "Ice Pick". A member of the team suggested it for a new project, but we agreed that it needs to be reserved for something a wee bit more epic.