Monday, September 17, 2007

Message Queue Panic

Now Dare Obasanjo is joining the spaz-out re: messaging, push vs. pull and such.

Also, Stefan Tilkov is momentarily a binary messaging bigot.

XMPP is IETF'd. It has been around for years (started in 1998 according to Wikipedia).

AMQP is a young upstart. Perhaps it will break out. I'm just saying it will be hard. It is really hard to get a protocol going. Time will tell I suppose.

At the end of the day, IBM MQ Series/WebSphere MQ still has over 90% of the messaging market last time I heard so in terms of application integration within the "enterprise", I'm putting my money on that continuing for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps overtime, AtomPub, XMPP, and HTTP can put a dent in that.

The whole pub/sub business may be an opening. MQ Series isn't known for that. They have a new 100% Java version that I presume does a better job. XEP 0060, AtomPub, etc. could be alternatives.

In the short term, I think that ActiveMQ has the best chance of taking on IBM MQ Series/WebSphere MQ in terms of the more classical messaging stuff. But then again, I guess that may be ok with IBM as they support Geronimo which includes ActiveMQ.


James Strachan said...

BTW we've already XMPP, REST and Ajax support in ActiveMQ as well as our own internal binary format (OpenWire). We're also working on AtomPub support as well...

Then along with the integrated Apache Camel we can happily bridge any protocol to and from ActiveMQ...

so protocol, schmotocol! :-). Users can use whatever client or protocol they wish.

fuzzy said...

Thanks James. Yeah I saw that on your blog. I need to take a closer look. A co-worker and I actually looked at Camel the other day. It looks interesting enough, but quite young in terms of docs, samples, etc. It is attractive in the sense that it is very light-weight.

How much work are you planning on putting into that?

How do you guys compare with IBM WebSphere Java JMS? Where do you see the messaging market going?