Sunday, April 08, 2007

Visualize a Ginormous Standard Free Simple World

Saw this on Bill de hOra.

Visualize legacy WS-*. And ginormous industry encompassing standardization efforts for that matter. Could this be it? Could it be the last gasp of this madness? CORBA, J2EE, WS-*, and onto a path of more simple sanity? One can dream.

I continue to be shocked that even today, 6-7 years into WS-* that people still think it is the next thing. I am befuddled by this.

I have been a consultant, software vendor, and IT dude (customer). I haven't been an analyst. I agree with Bill here:

What has happened with WS-* promotion, and what is happening with SOA is bad for the industry, bad for shareholder value. Customers will come to reject the vendor/analyst/consultant triumvirate if it comes to appear to be nothing more than a racket. In effect, that would be a rejection of the entire market. This helps no-one, least of all customers, dependent as they are on software and related services.

Update Patrick Logan and James Robertson say it better than I do. Especially - James. He captures what I loathe the most about the echo chamber and how it defines what is mainstream. It makes very well paid smart people stop thinking - stop innovating - stop looking for a better way. Instead they pick the safe route - whatever the echo chamber is saying - even though it has the highest chances of failure. I hope I never become this - if you aren't risking something you will never get anywhere. And you will be a part of what I think is the typical customer's biggest problem - the lack of the will to innovate and succeed.

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