Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Browser with a run-time

Update Mark Pilgrim readers let me defend myself :)!!!

I'm with Patrick on this one.

Mark's tried and true "just leverage the web" argument doesn't seem to apply. Mark is one of my favorite bloggers and I typically agree with him.

Then again, the Adobe person's "“One word; branding”" doesn't really make any sense to me.

Flex and Apollo are compelling because they are essentially a browser with a real run-time in them. Ajax is neat and a great way to incrementally add booya to your in-production-today-built-on-Struts web app (or whatever your equiv is). But Ajax isn't a run-time and most of us don't really want to write our app N times for N different browsers/versions.

But happilly, "in the future", we have greener pastures to look forward to. We can like "do stuff" and not like "bleed to death" doing it.

And guess what? It will run on Winders, Linux, and OS X. And you will write it one time. And test it one time.

Like what Java was supposed to do but wasn't on the desktop and you only get 10 years before people say, "times up, what's next?".

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