Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our Crazy Fugger

Patrick is our resident Crazy Fugger.

I understand him a little more each episode.

I agree with Edward Povazan: A whole parallel computing universe that I, having been on a C/C++/Java path, would not have been exposed to.

I don't know Smalltalk, but have had several enlightening conversations on it with Patrick. If history had played out a little different, we might all be building with Smalltalk.

For me, exploring JavaSpaces has been a bit like what I hear Edward saying - there are whole other worlds out there in software. Some good bits / some bad bits to be sure, but some of the things that didn't catch on in the mainstream certainly should have. There were reasons to be sure - some of them self-inflicted, but the calculus of what technologies make it and which ones fail is far from meritocratic.

Update: Fixing capitalization of Smalltalk from SmallTalk after being vigorously scolded by Patrick :)

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Sarge said...

Objective-C adds Smalltalk-messaging to C and, most importantly, is the language of choice for writing Mac apps. Get thee to Xcode, my son.