Thursday, June 01, 2006

Want a job in Portland, OR - Java SOA/EDA?

Want a job in Portland, OR - quite possibly the best city on the planet?

We'll even move you here if you can slang wicked code. Sorry, you must have a green card or be a US citizen.

Insurance systems are a lot more fun then you might think. We pay above market, have old school benefits and OSCON is across the street every year.

We are looking for 2 full time senior Java developers. We are starting a series of new projects where we will be doing serious bi-directional integration with an IBM i5/iSeries.

Click here to apply. Job code is 23568BR.


John Wright said...


This is John Wright from I was excited to hear about openings at Liberty Northwest since I am interested in moving to Portland anyway. So I went ahead and applied. If you see a resume from John Wright from Kansas City, you will know who its from. :)



fuzzy said...

Great, thanks John - will look for the resume.