Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Distributed Development Tools

I am spending a lot of my time working on tool sets lately. I have lots of biased opinions.

My biggest core requirement is distributed development with internal developers and third parties. I want it to be easy. It shouldn't take more then 1 hour for a developer in my office to get at the source code and having it building for a project managed out of another office.

I don't want to bias this (yet) with what I am looking at.

I'd love to hear what others are doing with distributed development and tools.

I am looking for the following tools (mainly):

  • Source Control
  • Defect/Issue/Enhancement tracking
  • Project management
  • Build/Deployment tool (ala CruiseConrol)
  • Requirements Analysis Tool


Mike said...

I've started to take a look at Mercurial as a source code control system. Looks rough, but for small or distributed teams it may work fine.


fuzzy said...

Hi Mike, what drove you to try this vs. CVS or Subversion?


Anonymous said...

We used cvs for years at our company. We are switching over to subversion. I recommend either but prefer subversion, especially tortoise svn.

We use Bugaboo for defect tracking.