Saturday, May 13, 2006

Temporary MOM bigot

I'm currently a MOM bigot, but only because I haven't seen another viable way to do extensive service oriented integration today.

I yapped about Message-Centric vs. Service-Centric a month or so ago.

I heard that SOA Software acquired Blue Titan this week. This is an interesting development. Here is a good post on why this happened (via Stefan Tilkov).

As I tried to get going on the Yahoo REST message board and in various posts in this blog, this is where I'd like to see things go. Leverage HTTP, but add:

  • guaranteed delivery
  • durable destinations
  • event driven support (i.e., pub/sub)
It is ok to support SOAP, WS-* for the true believers, but do not mandate it. If anything, tolerate SOAP/WS-*, but prefer POX and REST. I wouldn't buy something that preferred SOAP/WS-* and had an extension or subset of support for POX and REST.

Now, I have no idea if Blue Titan even does this (I haven't used it) - it sounds like it does some of this or will. Anyone worked with it?

Ideally, I'd like to see OSS impls or at least dual licensing of this type of thing. This type of infrastructure is too critical to rely on a small vendor for. I can't afford another vendor-pire.

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